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External Hard Drive Not Powering Up


Reply Tina Sieber September 27, 2016 at 10:44 am You may ignore Ken's unhelpful comment. After you turn on the computer, enter the BIOS The BIOS Explained: Boot Order, Video Memory, Saving, Resets & Optimum Defaults The BIOS Explained: Boot Order, Video Memory, Saving, Resets & so, it is going to harm my data which i m trying to recover... Now I'm wondering if this is a bad idea. Source

No prying is needed or tools just separate them by hand. An NTFS to USB drive converter couldn't read it either. The company told us that any damage will "depend on the USB device, but in general [unplugging a USB peripheral] shouldn't affect the system."To see if the task has negative effects, i use hdd regenerator and it has worked for me of course not all the time.

External Hard Drive Not Powering Up

If that doesn't let you access the files, I recommend to consult a professional for further advice and support. How can I deglarify an image? In case of hard disk power surges can damage the pcb board, PCB is the main component for communication between the system and the hard disk. Dismiss Notice TechSpot Forums Forums TechSpot Core Storage Today's Posts can a bad USB enclosure kill a harddrive?

And better yet if you can make sure your drive or your data never degrade in the first place. mhgudaDec 8, 2011, 9:17 AM Hi,I had a 320 GB MyBook external hard drive from Western Digital, that stopped working yesterday. A couple weeks later, a customer's laptop SATA drive went from good to dead inside this enclosure, and it's taken me this long to conclude that the enclosure is to blame. How To Fix External Hard Drive Not Recognized Fortunately, I discovered that using Windows XP Regedt32 to load an external Windows 2000 hive would actually repair the hive, allowing it to be used again.

I also tried that drive's usb interface with another older 80GB laptop drive that was good before - and had the same problem with that drive. They should work with professional technicians and tools, be able to open your hard drive in clean rooms or under dust free conditions, follow industry standards, and have solid credentials, as I am a car. Dan Goodin - Oct 14, 2015 4:21 pm UTC Enlargehttp://habrahabr.ru/post/268421/ reader comments 172 Share this story USB sticks have long been a mechanism for delivering malware to unsuspecting computer users.

Within seconds of being plugged in, the USB stick delivers a negative 220-volt electric surge into the USB port. External Hard Drive Repair Best Buy The same goes for hard drives. Do some bloody backup FFS. Is it possible something like this happened to you?

External Hard Drive Wont Turn On Seagate

For more on USB devices, visit USBMan. http://arstechnica.com/security/2015/10/usb-killer-flash-drive-can-fry-your-computers-innards-in-seconds/ I do music and video production. 1. External Hard Drive Not Powering Up Join the community here, it only takes a minute. External Hard Drive Not Working Mac This would result in destroying both the USB controller - sometimes a separate chip but usually integrated into the chipset (Platform controller hub or PCH in Intel platforms) and the USB

Also if the drive starts working, copy all important data, then all remaining data. this contact form More like this Technology's Biggest Myths Fast Fixes for Common PC Problems Tech Secrets: 21 Things 'They' Don’t Want You to Know Video Why You Lost Your Windows 10 Product Key The drive is still alive and healthy according to disk management and S.M.A.R.T. No, create an account now. External Hard Drive Not Working After Dropping

Some will charge a full recovery fee, even if they failed to recover the data. A booby-trapped flash drive, for instance, was the means by which the US and Israel reportedly infected Iran's Natanz uranium enrichment facility with the Stuxnet worm. The other type utilises a 4-pin mini-DIN plug that looks a bit like a PC PS/2 keyboard connector. have a peek here I came back and the comp no longer recognized the drive -- so I really don't think that the power could have come unplugged etc..

Stay logged in | Having trouble? How To Fix External Hard Drive Seagate Given the second law of thermodynamics, any and all current mfg. Tina.....

When this document was first compiled back in 2010 data recovery was (and still is for many) a very expensive option.

with today's ide technology (integrated device electronics), the hard drives had thier own hardware to handle things, unlike the prevously mentioned technologies which relied on the controller for everything. so bymistakly i open my back panel of hard disk to explore., and just put it back. I recorded a video of it here which shows the beginning before the platters stop completely: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aB9bgogOOSc I use a mac and the drive is mac formatted. External Hard Drive Failure Symptoms People wrongly conclude that "X” mfg.

Just remember that the serious downside to the low cost external HD enclosures is THEY TOO contain these SATA cards, and what is worse the cheap ones will fail, often, much Over the next couple of weeks I researched ways to recover the data and considered doing everything under the sun — and did most of it — to revive the old hard Remember that 3.5” HD require power, which means you need either a HD dock, or a powered SATA card kit as seen at top left in the picture below. 2.5” HD http://divxeo.com/hard-drive/external-usb-hard-drive-enclosure.html A couple distinguishing factors are that when the SATA cards inside the external HD are hooked to another computer they may appear as normal, this typical power variance which is odd

Using the wrong pinout will damage your drive and enclosure. Well, I didn’t dare to melt my drive, but my suspicion was that the head was stuck. I can see my external hard drive in device manager when plugged in to USB 2.0 port, but not in my comp and disk management retrieving data from external hard drive Is the Printed Circuit Board Broken?

Mine's a WD Passport model number: WD10TMVW-11ZSMS1. But consider this and tell me why? when i plugged it in windows had an issue with it. Reply Tina January 16, 2015 at 8:26 pm Have you tried booting with a live CD / USB to examine the drive?

Reply Tina February 7, 2015 at 6:03 pm Can you hear the hard drive spin up? But my old tape backups from almost 20 years ago still worked fine (used an older computer & Windows 2000 to recover those "ancient" files dating back to 1994). PlayStation Vue: How Do They Compare? Have the right software to quickly back up your data 6 Safest Ways to Backup & Restore Your Files in Windows 7 & 8 6 Safest Ways to Backup & Restore

reflect these drive troubles with read-errors, reallocated sectors, etc.? So if you do care about your data, better err on the side of caution. Ask a question and give support. On my netbook, the same thing happens.

I can't show you but seriously am Crying now.....I've lost every moment of my life.... Hot Network Questions Merging helmet and skin Showing only uppercase text as labels in QGIS? even though it's on and connected. Furthermore, your drive would have a 5V TVS protection diode at its input, providing further protection.How does Microsoft's UVCView utility see the external drive?

The incident happened weeks ago, and I didn't post the question then because it was too late. Please....please....please.....