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Difference Between Seagate Expansion And Backup Plus


Correction: Hitachi's 2.5″ hard drive business went to Western Digital, while the 3.5″ hard drive business went to Toshiba. Now you REALLY got me worried. And no, I do not need to give you anything. You should not use this "statistical report' to make informed buying decisions or to tell and convince me to. his comment is here

When you check drive failure rates, however, make certain to reference the number of hours the drives have been in operation as well. However, I can't help but be a bit skeptical simply because the Seagate drives that they are using are 5400 RPM consumer drives, most of which are out of external enclosures. I'm not a fanboy. This gathered data is from thousands of drives.

Difference Between Seagate Expansion And Backup Plus

oh and the streaming will not be 24 hours. Without the formal statistical analysis found in the excellent article I had the same feeling about hard drive reliability with brands and models. I think they should have to recall all Hard Drives on the market and test them all. This field is required Join No Spam.

Your failed attempts at belittlement and utter lack of common sense concerning the value of the data on this page, no doubt have provided many people with considerable amusement. The laws of nature always win in the end. And you last sentence is grounded in your emotional opinion again, trying to masquerade it as fact. Most Reliable Hard Drive 2016 It just makes sense for the manufacturer to have a single set of machines to produce everything they sell.

Donald Sams I fix laptops, get hundreds a month, and Seagate units for some reason are the ones I almost always get that are dead. In keeping up to date with technology, you should probably go for the drive with the largest cache, perpendicular recording, and obviously SATA 2. Look at ECC bits (1x10E14 is common, and absolute crap, others would protect 1 x 10E16, which means the former has 100X more odds of losing some data). You are merely projecting your ignorance with confidence.

Either way, you do project your ignorance with confidence. Most Reliable Hard Drive Brand Nobody can promise that any individual drive will or won't fail in a certain time; it's just a matter of probability. I have had 4 disks fail on three different computers, all Seagate. den assume they did, otherwise their IT would be pretty hopeless. *grin* icabodmudd why run consumer drives in an industrial heavy server environment, how odd.

Seagate Vs Western Digital External Hard Drive

and theoretically the SAS drive is more eneterprise "labeled". DR E XXXXX I'm not surprised at all at their conclusion. Difference Between Seagate Expansion And Backup Plus Modern HDDs are generally very good these days. Seagate Expansion Vs Backup Plus 5tb So, we have what we have.

Therefore, you are still playing with esteemed action but offers no facts, only drivel. Hitachi have always been good for us too. legokill101Jan 22, 2014, 5:27 PM well mabey i would go with the one you showed becuase it seems like the dell might use custom firmware so it may not be compitble January 21st, 2014 My last two blog posts were about expected drive lifetimes and drive reliability. Hgst Hard Drive

dwasifar karalahishipoor I was planning to say the same thing, but you beat me to it. That however is not always the case. Next time you would be better off being polite instead of insulting someone right away. http://divxeo.com/hard-drive/difference-between-ssd-and-hdd.html These disks cannot work with some Silicon Image SATA controllers, as their drivers blacklist the disks and limit the maximum sectors of each transaction below 8KB (15 sectors), leading to considerably

My SSD was shipped unwrapped in a manila envelope. Most Reliable External Hard Drive And that is why you swap in the new drive at the end of the day so it can rebuild over night. Jim Demestihas they'll say whatever you want them to say…………………..

DezzNutz Statistics taught me one thing.

Sep 8, 2007 #1 SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,715 +397 Looks to me like the first one doesn't have Perpendicular recording, which is newer, and allows for higher data but after that the decrease due to actual failures is reduced in fact better than hitachi… REALLY look at the graph, Hitachi actually has a steeper slope than WD, basically if You adopted someone's reason filter and did not realize it is broken. Seagate Expansion Vs Backup Plus Speed I do a lot of statistical analysis.

Now the article has been updated to show different stats. Even TWC is having the same problems, the fact is that once another provider moves to your area TWC will lose most if not all of its cliental and the same Ask a question and give support. Thanks for playing.

There are some exceptions. Unless cases are failing, that makes no sense whatsoever Yussef Mneimneh you're so dumb, mac are in fact pcs in a technical point of view, mac was dead a long time