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Dual Boot Dos And Xp


Maybe I could dig out the SUBST command (doesn't seem to be in ODIN) and fake it out that way, or... How can I get a "clean" and reasonably easy install of FreeDOS on a drive other than C:? I can't remember if it comes in SP1 or not. My precious... MrBurns January 9, 2005 11:08:30 PM About the USB problem: I solved it by activating USB 2.0 As its name suggests, the Recovery Console is only designed to be used in the event of a system problem. http://divxeo.com/dual-boot/dual-boot-w2k-and-win-7.html

The company guarantees that virtually all new applications from major software retailers will be XP compatible. I'd like to know where the hard-drive password is stored. When Windows XP ships, you'll be able to buy one of several low-cost ($10) DVD Encoder Packs for Windows XP from the Microsoft Web site. PnPOFF uses PnP BIOS calls, but first tests indicate that only BIOSes which support APM anyway support the used Power Off message of PnP BIOS - so adding PNPOFF to FDAPM http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/dual-boot-xp-dos-mp3-player.66731/

Dual Boot Dos And Xp

And what editions will they get?A. Forum SolvedCould a Faulty/Damaged USB Port Cause Transfer Speed Issues w/ an External HDD? From: Florian Xaver - 2005-01-30 15:33:07 You will find the link http://www.pcwelt.de/downloads/tools_utilities/system-utilities/106371/index.html Florian Xaver said the following / schrieb folgendes (27.01.2005 16:42): > Hi! > > The new Pc-Welt is Q: I read somewhere that Windows XP will feature a new feature to finally cure "DLL hell".

This is done automatically by the BIOS on at least two of my new computers. Serious question.

All I've found are places that want to charge £90* for a replacement BIOS chip. And to iron out any remaining problems, Microsoft will deliver new updates through Windows Update. Then put the battery back.

Yes, you do need to write a boot sector. Freedos Q. How...See my instructables...Beginners Background:The BIOS (Basic Input-Output System) is a small piece of code 'burned' into a EPROM/CMOS (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory). http://www.tomsguide.com/forum/681-6-problems-player JAS Re: [Freedos-user] Re: problem with Pictview under FreeDOS From: Kenneth J.

You will see an option to uninstall Windows XP. Does LBAcache support the drive? (depends on whether it has disk change detection... Remove its batteries too. You seem to have CSS turned off.


I also tried out 'assign' but it's the same with it. (2) CHDIR on substituded drives The same example as above but just do the first subst (C:\>subst a: d:\).

You can look at the pdf at Great! Dual Boot Dos And Xp Actually, yes, and quite often too. These themes include Plus!

I >can copy the ODIN directory from the CD and get >a reasonably functional installation of FreeDOS. http://divxeo.com/dual-boot/dual-boot-sata-and-ide.html Not to focus on the grim, but it's times like those that make you think about who might take over a popular project like FreeDOS. http://www.bumpertalk.com/bumpertalk/BD313A.html Have a great day and don't forget to laugh! -- At a day-care center, some of the children were talking about their siblings. "My brother takes horseback-riding lessons," bragged one. I can access cd burning capabilities, usb drives and installation of them.

Q: Every time I install an application in Windows XP, I get a little balloon help telling me that new programs are installed. NetBEUI is no longer supported and I don't recommend using it: Go with the more powerful, and routable, TCP/IP protocol instead, which is the default in Windows XP. Be sure to pick the one for harddisk (DEVICE=C:\...) >Any ideas? :-) > > Any ideas on how to offer the SYS thing to the user? this content Sony Creative Software SoftwareContentSupportDownloadPurchaseMy AccountAbout Sony Creative Software Search Register|Login|United States (change) Redirection Notice As of May 20, 2016 Sony Creative Software has sold the majority of its products to

Normally, you should try the Windows 2000 driver first. This is not experimental software, unfinished software, or buggy software. Anyone wanting to install FreeDOS on a second hard drive (a good solution for desktops) will have the same problem.

DOS > >doesn't know that it isn't a second hard drive.

I really don't want to send it in ... Then he'll steal your laptop, and he'll have full access to your data. Ask a question and give support. Windows XP includes a technology called WPA (discussed above), which enforces a license Microsoft has been using for years (that is, you're supposed to buy one copy of Windows for each

A. The referrer URL was http://www.freedos.org/freedos/software/lsm.cgi?q=f&a=base/kernel.lsm Whoever is in charge of the kernel might want to change this to a valid URL. Also, be sure to download these files to your computer's hard drive. have a peek at these guys Please send a URL to obtain your complete instructions or send them to me privately and I can post them on my site (when ready).

Yes, the clock resets, but so what?You clearly know more than I do. Is that true?

The only other option at the moment that I can see is to get a laptop->IDE cable and use dd to copy a disc-image onto the hard drive. I downloaded several boot disks and try to access my drive C: there but it won't. I go to test t= he QEMM97, but if the previous one functions in the MSDOS, because not in t= he FreeDOS?=20 Using to advantage, it knows some good multitask?.=20 Example:

For more information about what upgrades what, please refer to my showcase, What to Expect from Windows XP. I guess I have to write a prothesis if drives without BIOS >disk change detection get popular...) Since the X31 notebook have NTFS in hard disk, I just boot a FreeDOS They provide us with IBM/Lenovo laptops. Or, use the TweakUI for Windows XP Power Toy to add Administrator to the Welcome screen.

Now XP will actually prevent the installation of known problem drivers. Q. I had this idea from a differentr forum (I thought, that WinXP is 100% compatible to fdisk when you create a FAT partition). My System curious_jon January 30, 2005 One of the >computers will only boot from it if it is a real floppy drive, the >other offers the option to boot from USB Mass Storage.

A pitty, however, that I cannot save the changes to X:\DOcuments and settings\MyUserName Still seeking to have a "take-away" NT/XP user or installation in an external USB hard drive, Aito