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Dell Latitude D600 Won't Boot Unless External Monitor Hooked

My screen is completely white but when I put pressure on the top part of the laptop screen (where I'm told the connectors are) I can get an image on my And yes the monitor hotkey works fine, so no problem there. I read to try pressing on the outer edges of the LCD screen - no change. Still same results, any ideas. his comment is here

Turn off and turn on again it works as normal. I don't believe its a lose conection with wires. Initially we had a problem with the fan which we resolved. You'll have to replace the screen. 3. http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/dell-latitude-d600-wont-boot-unless-external-monitor-hooked.155191/

As soon as I plugged the jack in the powerlight on the adaptor triped off. Nick October 11, 2009 | My laptop turns white very often i never really used it is only about 2 years old and i was thinking it could be the video Cool site!!! I tried to connect my laptop to External Monitor, but it's not working either. 2.

In some models the DC-IN power jack is soldered directly to the motherboard. If you are reading the same voltage as on the AC adapter, it means the power jack or harness works properly and the problem is related to the motherboard. I purchased another adapter thinking that was the problem but it still will not work. Ive tested my adapter with a multimeter and it shows the normal voltage,ie, the adapter is good.

However I got to thinking: on a cold start everything worked fine. Go to the manuals and download the maintenance and service guide. Once I reassembled it, I can't get it to boot up when it is not connected to the AC Adaptor. I've opened-up the laptop and ensured the video cable is attached properly at both ends, but the problem persists.

MATTMAN December 27, 2006 | tried that, no deal, any other suggestions? Unplug the AC power adapter. 3. I would think that you should test the laptop with another 15.4″ screen. Remove the battery. 3.

If I raise the lid, both displays are up. i did a test with a external monitor and the picture was fine on that one, i want to try the cable thats conects the monitor to the laptop etc becuase Any second opinions would be greatly appreciated before I go and spend a smaLl fortune on another notebook….. If the problem still there, most likely the motherboard is bad.

If the battery is charged, I guess replacing the adapter will not help. this content You can test the fuse with a multimeter. THEN THE SCREEN IS BECOMING OF DIFFERENTS COLORS WITH LINES OR SQUARES, WITH OR WITHOUT THE POINTER APPARENT ON IT. the display is fine in the first half the screen and the rest of the screen is just white..

The problem I have is the compter wil not charge the battery or work when plugged in (if the battery is removed). Nothing shows on the screen at any point. Recommendations? http://divxeo.com/dell-latitude/dell-latitude-d600-drivers.html After that you connect another working screen and test video.

When turned on, the screen shows "Sony" logo and then a short blinking "-" at top of the screen and then nothing, screen dark. She is taking it to someone to look at today. Pull them from the laptop one by one and test the laptop with each module separately.

I still havent seen a white screen on an led yet.

Would you know if that’s within margins? Kolelja posted Jan 18, 2017 at 4:02 PM Unable to copy the Windows 7 install DVD to a thumb drive krazykat posted Jan 18, 2017 at 5:56 AM Crash Dump Elizabeth Does a bad power jack would make it unbootable with the battery? After having taken off the screen and all the components, I dusted the insides and reconected the screen and all was back to normal.

i have Acer tm 5520. i used another working tm 5520 for this test.. IML Tech November 10, 2009 | Crystal, I have a HP Pavilion dv6000, my laptop is having some issues. check over here Probably unrelated, but four weird “dll” messages pop up, like “kitohulo.dll not found” Scan with AVG didn’t show anything.

it was a motherboard issue. You'll have to search a little bit. mokryun June 12, 2009 | Well.