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Dell Inspiron 600m - Screen Goes Dark After About 60 Seconds

The only reliable way I know is swapping parts. I've ordered and replaced inverter, and now the screen comes up normally after cold boot, but then, in 5-10 seconds it gets half bright. Dushyanth May 29, 2009 | I had the same problem with my DEll Inspiron 6000. I'm an artist but it's always great to learn! his comment is here

Display I've always been satisfied with screens on Dell notebooks, I've bought and used (in order of date ascending) the Dell Inspiron 8200, Dell Inspiron 1100, Inspiron 9100, Inspiron 1000, Inspiron the brightness menu setting is also set up all the way, butr the screen is still very dark. I started poking around and found that if I squeezed the top left corner of the screen, I got a nice bright image and the computer was working fine, my thumb PC Laptops My ibm thinkpad T40 powers on but does not post. http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/dell-inspiron-600m-screen-goes-dark-after-about-60-seconds.151313/

When the cool environment, it has small blinking but without external table fan cooling and opened with lot of applications (AVG scanning, firefox, ms word), it has frequent blinking. After 2 day, with the charger plugged in. the problem was it has no display, which i realized, really has a backlight failure.. In other words, unless you're a gamer that demands the latest processor in an over clocked state, then the Pentium M 725 or higher will let you cruise through use of

Any help? Andreas January 30, 2008 | cj2600 do you know what is the input-output voltage characteristics of any of the inverters: G71C00011121 (toshiba part number: P000354880) or G71C00011221 (toshiba part number: P000439470) That is, I can boot linux on the computer and if I boot into text mode, everything appears to be working fine. any suggestions gratefully accepted.

So you had flickering screen/no backlight/faint image for a while and then it disappeared and now you have nothing? A new backligtht bulb will cost you about $15 but it will be additional $175 in labor to replace it. I have three main email accounts, ... http://www.asklaptopfreak.com/lcd-screen-recently-went-dark/ cj2600 January 26, 2009 | Vir, From this description it sounds that you have a problem either with the inverter board or backlight lamp.

It says charger plugged in but no charging. You'll have to take a look on the back side of the scree, that's where this connector is located. Make sure the video cable is properly plugged into the connector on the screen. In this combination you still should see a very faint image on the new(installed) screen but the inverter board should light up the backlight inside the old screen.

Last night it was fine. http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3518/t/19245723 I don't remember exactly what I did because it was while ago. along with my old pos e machines laptop that only works once in a while but my question is, Is it passable to connect the LCD from the old laptop to Once you've resolved this issue of the 600m being shipped with the wrong graphics settings, you will have a good viewing experience from a crisp and bright monitor.

Bryan Ard November 3, 2008 | Great article! this content tony May 13, 2009 | I have a gateway laptop. Pls help - Sony VAIO VGN-N130G/W Notebook You could have a defective screen - a defective inverter or a CCFL lamp or simply the video cable needs reseating. I'm really stumped!

Read more LG LA2405wg monitor: goes dark intermittently. The laptop display is dim, which happens a few secs after booting. Refer to this ... http://divxeo.com/dell-inspiron/dell-inspiron-1000-screen-won-t-come-on.html It has been doing this for about a year but I can always get it working in a few minutes before.

Now the screen is going black again. I have problem with my monitor! I replace the inverter board… didnt fix it.

cj2600 May 13, 2009 | Jane, Is the inverter the same for a 15 or 17 inch lcd ?

If so, what could be triggering it in this case? And I don't just mean look hard to see blurry, it was full out ugly and pixilated blurry. If the external screen works fine, then most likely there is nothing wrong with the video card. I just noticed the PV Wire type.

Now, I can barely (barely!) see the screen (and as of a few minutes ago, for some reason I cannot get a screen at all). HP PC Laptops Screen goes blank Hi jkm007,\015\012\015\012Sounds like the back light inverter board is bad.\015\012\015\012It's a very common problem.\015\012\015\012LCD's use four small cold compact fluorescent bulbs to back light the Below are some numbers on how long it took the Inspiron 600m to calculate Pi to 2 Million digits of precision, in the NotebookReview.com forums we have a thread in which check over here That scenario isn't proven or disproven with my test.

Roy March 5, 2008 | Thanks for the tip, Brad. Any idea's? Right? I've read everything you've written (on other sites too) about backlight failure vs.

Look at the screen under bright light. I ordered the inverter from ebay and got it today. The lamp doesn't flicker and there is no buzzing noise.