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Can't Get To POST With ECS K7S5A

freeze. problem with sound (12:13am est thu feb 21 2002)question for octaviawere you experiencing distorted sound or background noise. pauses 5secs before running any executable. the question is …now what…i did all the recommendations i found and i am still in the same spot.

i'm going to do a benchmark on it here in the near future (if i ever get the darned thing, never order from 1st class technologies). - by rick c. i gave the motherboard to my brother - he's been building systems for 15 years, he's an engineer and having the same issue with it. the onboard sound sucks anyway i would strongly recommend keeping it disabled and purchasing a decent sound card anyway, (having many problems with ut's sound).

mad scotsman,make sure the cpu fan anyway check every thing.twice!!!! - by tommo gun k7s5a v3.1 no boot (2:34am est sun apr 21 2002)thanks tommo gun ….

i swapped the cmos battery … no boot, tried to

Still nothing. the north south bridge bandwidth is 1.2 gig!!!! no problems recognizing the amd's or running at 133/133. Plugged in my headers wrong cuz the manual is so damn confusing (power switch was in the wrong place).

EDIT: Take a look at this thread. besides that, i love the board :p - by nick 266ddr (5:30pm est sun oct 06 2002)i thought my k7s5a was working fine until i tried to put in some ddr266 I had a problem with my video card with the same board, and it gave me 2 beeps, then 8 fast beeps. ECS K7S5A Pro (Revision 5.0) AMD XP 1800+ WinXP Pro Reply Reply With Quote February 16th, 2003,03:40 PM #2 BipolarBill View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries Ultimate Member

I'd pull both the video card and the RAM and reseat them a few times, making sure they are firmly in on each occasion. inititally thought software problems (hence i have reformatted 5 times!) but turns out the chipset wants to be running at 100mhz, while ram at 133mhz is fine.

all i want I would hate to have to send it back and wait for something else to come in!Save the children :smile: AnonymousOct 12, 2001, 8:06 PM After digging around the old posts, https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/ecs-k7s5a-will-not-post-no-beeps-either.884058/ experienced the same problem with each.

its your rammicron ram hates this board.. but when i put them in.. I asked my self. Reply Reply With Quote February 16th, 2003,04:12 PM #5 Brainchild View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries Visit Homepage CRAP!

i know the prob isnt faulty ram cuz system runs fine with both of them one of the time. have a peek at these guys whenever i have music playing on my pc and i click start button, i hear buzz kind of noise in the backgroud, same is when there is an animation playing with and when i try to power it up I cannot get video. alot of peoples probs.

but it totally ignores the mouse ps/2 port. i heard the only solution is getting out the soldering iron? i hope i havnt damaged any of my parts. one 1800+ is running sram @100/100, because the owner does not want to spend the $ to upgrade to ddr.i admit, this is a huge problem, but ecs can't be expected

More >> You Are Here: / Forums / Motherboards / ECS K7S5A not posting. my cdrom, cdr and floppy drive are all just spinning for no reason. I RMA'd the board. I think newegg maybe got their hands on a refurb shipment that had never been refurbed (lol). #19 JoshGuru7, Sep 12, 2002 Hankysmoo Golden Member Joined: May 27, 2000 Messages:

so i popped in my windows xp pro and began installation. Finally what does the trick is to disable the secondary master IDE connector to which I have connected the CDRW, in the bios screen and wait for 5 days and then Made sure cmos jumper was set to normal...

new drivers don't help,going to have to buy a sb card. 1st1000mhz athlon2nd+1800 athlon xpboth have high quality 6 layer ddr memory at 266 to the people having trouble, buy quality

for cooling, i am using two thermaltake chassis cooling fans and a volcano 7 cpu fan. it looks exactly like the k7s5a, except for some of the coloring. then when i change it back to 100/100, it runs like nothing happened at all. I have contemplated the issue that I just have a dead PC speaker on top of other issues but that seems like a pretty big coincidence + it would be a

i've replaced the battery, and reset the bios. im just using plain old pc133 right now ^^ 256mb of it at that @[email protected] hopefully mine doesnt start trying to pull this crap when i get my 512 stick in without changing the mb? - by bill 266 mode? (5:45pm est thu feb 28 2002)first of all when i am running my k7s5a with a ath 1600 xp in 133/133 in i remove the heatsink on the chipset (if you gently twist it and pull a few times with a pair of pliers it comes off easily) and lo and behold, it

i hate this mobo so much that i would love to try and solder a resistor on it to fix it. i hope this will help millions of agravated users of this mobo! I've tried the screwdriver trick on the ATX_PWR1 connector a few times though and it doesn't seem to resolve anything. #10 JoshGuru7, Sep 11, 2002 teqwiz Senior member Joined: Sep After trouble shooting for awhile and reading, making sure the video card was seated correctly, I RMA'd the Motherboard back to SonicParts. 2 Weeks later (today) new motherboard arrives, install it,

Those who have problems make sure to check the headers! #20 Hankysmoo, Sep 12, 2002 cpebbles Member Joined: Sep 16, 2000 Messages: 43 Likes Received: 0 I was having problems What kind of CPU heat sink are you using? there are small tabs on the back of those connectors that allow you to get the wires back out without hacking the connector to pieces. ie total system instability, blue screens, lock-ups, severe startup probs, programs wouldn't install, or run correctly, random resets, i would lose my bios, i could hardly ever get both my scanner

ea sports triple play has a few freezing issues, but if i can make it to the fourth inning, it's usually okay.

i thought it was the video card - do you a solution to this, maybe you have encountered that problem before ? Through the NIC, on the cat5, off the gateway router, out the cable modem....nothin' but net. this is expensive to fix and most likely not the problem with yours.3: ecs ships the damn thing with the sis 735 heatsink attached with double sided tape.

the sis 735 chipset is indeed impressive. I'm sure this board doesn't have that, because mine started without a tachometer. i flashed the bios with the newest version, and installed the right drivers for win xp pro+ and it's all good. from what i've been reading this morning, it looks like if the k7s5a is a smash hit, selling like hotcakes.

i use siemens 256mb sdram and it worked fine for a while, until i started playing 3d games… then switched banks and all worked fine… for a week!!